How to have a fun and safe Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Monday of September. It is a customary holiday that pays tribute to everyday workers.  The first official Labor Day in the United States was celebrated in the 1880s by labor unions in New York City. The event was marked by a grand parade dedicated to the working class.  In the present, Labor Day is an anticipated event because it’s an ideal time to take a break from work and spend quality time with family and friends.

It is a federal holiday which means that all government offices, schools, and many businesses are closed. Labor Day also signals the end of the summer.  It’s a chance to go on an end-of-summer vacation.  People need time to unwind and allow themselves to have a good time.  For hardworking individuals, Labor Day weekend comes as a welcome relief because they can take time off from work-related activities.

Festive Labor Day activities often draw crowds. A lot of people make it a point to make the long weekend count by organizing picnics, barbecues and swimming parties. Students take advantage of the long weekend to enjoy a last summer hurrah before schools reopen.  Many families gather to watch parades and fireworks displays.  Many towns around the U.S. also organize annual parades, concerts, fairs, arts and crafts activities, and sports events.


Here are some safety tips to ensure a fun and memorable Labor Day with your loved ones.

  • If you’re planning to go on a road trip, it is advisable to inform someone about your destination, expected time of arrival and number of days you’re staying at a particular place.  Exchange contact information with that person in case of emergencies.
  • Prepare your vehicle for your road trip.  Make sure that your vehicle is in good condition before heading out to avoid road problems and mishaps.
  • If you’re going to an unfamiliar destination, it is best to use a map or GPS to avoid getting lost.
  • Always plan ahead.  If you’re staying with family or friends over the weekend, inform them at least one week before your arrival to give them ample time to prepare. If you plan to stay in a hotel, book in advance. Keep in mind that Labor Day weekend is considered peak season in many states. Booking early will ensure you of a place to stay during one of the busiest and festive holidays of the year.
  • Drive safely.  Never drink and drive.  If you plan to drink in a party or gathering, appoint a responsible designated driver to bring you and your companions back to the place where you are currently staying. Don’t forget to put on your seatbelts, observe speed limits, and comply with traffic rules.
  • Swimming is a favorite activity during the long Labor Day weekend.  Avoid swimming alone. Make sure that you have a swimming buddy with you at all times. Select places with visible lifeguards on duty.  Always keep a close eye on young children when they are in the water.  For safety reasons, it is highly recommended that kids and inexperienced swimmers wear life jackets.
  • Be responsible for your actions when going on picnics. Keep the environment clean by disposing of garbage properly.  Be aware of safe grilling practices to avoid fire and accidents.

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