Rentals Policy

Age Requirements

Renters can be 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license and a major credit card or debit card in his/her own name. However renters 21 – 24 years of age must add an additional $10.00 per day surcharge.

PLEASE NOTE: Renters 21 – 24 years of age may rent Economy through Midsize cars ONLY. Deposit will be standard for all renters.

Requirements and Restrictions

All drivers must meet the renting location’s minimum age requirements, have a valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and present a major credit card or debit card in his/her own name at the time of rental. Some renters may be required to do a motor vehicle report or credit history check. If this is the case, the renter is liable for all fees incurred doing this check. At this time all renters are required to carry liability insurance coverages of their own, at minimum before they are able to rent a car.

Premium cars and sport utility vehicles are only available to those that pass a credit check. If you do not pass the credit check, you can still rent – but there is a $500 deposit due.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers are $10 per day, if not covered on the same insurance policy as the primary renter. We reserve the right to qualify any additional drivers. This means anyone that is driving a rental car must be approved and listed on the rental contract. Please keep in mind the main renter is still responsible for all damage while the vehicle is rented, even if a previously approved additional driver is driving.

Rental Agreement Violations

Rental Agreement violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving under the influence of intoxicants.
  • Operation of the vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  • Failure to return the vehicle by the due-back date and time.
  • Failure to pay all charges at the time of return.
Airport Renters

We will pick you up from the airport but you must be renting for at least 3 days for us to do so. You will need to provide us with your flight numbers and the time you would like to be picked up. We will arrive 10 minutes after your flight lands, to give you time to get your luggage and we are unable to wait no longer than 20 minutes (this gives you 30 minutes after landing) before we must leave, we will call prior to us leaving.

You must give us with your mobile phone number so we can contact you when we arrive to pick you up. You will be picked up at your terminals designated pick up location and you will be informed of what vehicle we will be picking you up in, prior to us picking you up.


You are responsible for all tires and tire repairs, insurance will not cover this.


You are responsible for the gas you use during your rental. You must return the vehicle with the required amount of fuel. All vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel that was received or the charge is $8.00 per gallon. Any fuel we pump cannot be refunded; there is no credit or refund given for any additional fuel in the tank at the end of the rental. Pre-paid gas options are available.


You are responsible for all glass damages, insurance will not cover this.


You are responsible for the safety of our rental car keys. We do not keep an extra set of keys. If you lose or lock the keys in the car, a locksmith and charges are your responsibility. Contact us as soon as possible if you are locked out. There is a $250 fine for lost or damaged keys.

Speedometer Tampering

All speedometer mileage is noted before and after each rental. If any discrepancy is noted, bring it to the attention of the rental office before you leave the lot. All speedometers are sealed and have fingerprint material applied. Any speedometer tampering is a State offense and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in our rental cars. Any damages to the upholstery or other parts of the rental cars are the responsibility of the renter. There is a $200 charge for smoking odors at minimum. We ask that you respect our future renters’ health and safety.

Safety of Our Vehicles

All of our vehicles have been professionally serviced and maintained every 3,000 miles in addition to a 20-point check every time a vehicle is returned. Should you have a problem, contact the rental office at 813-999-4920. Expenditures are reimbursed only if approved in advance. Any tire damage or glass damage is the customers’ full responsibility.

Extensions and Contract Agreements

Renters are responsible for returning the vehicle at the designated date and time shown on the rental agreement. If an extension is needed, the renter is responsible to contact Econo Auto Rentals and to pay all necessary additional deposits as the rental should always be at a $0 balance. At the time of pick-up, you will be asked the expected return date and time. Only the renter is allowed to extend the rental agreement.

If you choose to extend the agreement, additional funds must be available on your credit or debit card. If additional funds are not available or a payment cannot be made, a request for extension will be denied and the vehicle must be returned on the original return date and time.

It is the renter’s responsibility to understand what they are initialing and signing on the rental agreement; this includes any additional charges that may pertain to the rental. Our rental agents are trained to explain the agreement prior to the customer initialing and signing.

Payment Options
  • $200Pre-payment (deposit) required for any Major Credit Card renters. Card must not say DEBIT anywhere on it plus the amount of the rental paid in full.
  • $250Pre-payment (deposit) required plus the amount of the rental up front for Debit Card renters that pass a soft credit check.
  • $500Pre-payment (deposit) required plus the amount of the rental for any debit users that do not pass the credit check.
  • For all transactions we require valid photo identification.
  • For debit card usage, you must be over 25 years of age and provide proof of employment and a utility bill in your name.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover logo cards and debit cards.
  • We do not accept pre-paid cards, keychain or electron cards, checks, cash or money orders.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone not using a major credit card must bring two forms of residency with them to rent a vehicle. This means a form that shows your address matches your driver’s license such as major utility bill that does not have a past due balance, a paystub, bank statement showing your current address and that you are getting direct deposit or your lease/mortgage bill.

Credit Card
A $200.00 deposit will be authorized against your credit card at the time of rental. Unused authorizations will be released upon return of the vehicle. These funds will no longer be available for your immediate use and may take up to 7 to 14 days, depending on your bank, to become available after our release of unused authorizations.
Debit Card

Anyone with a debit card has the following options at this time:

  • Bring a current major utility bill (gas, electric, cable), that is paid in full with no past due balance and the address must match your driver’s license or a copy of your lease or mortgage bill with your name and address.
  • Bring in 2 of your most recent check stubs and address must match license.
  • Submit to a SOFT credit check. The credit check will cost $2.25 you.

Debit cards are accepted from renters 25 years age or older. All debit card customer are subject to $250 deposit if they pass a credit check plus full payment of rental costs at time of rental. Eligible debit cards must have the Visa, Master Card or Discover Logo. $500 deposit is required at minimum for anyone that does not pass the credit check.

Tickets, Tolls or Fines

Any ticket, toll, fine or traffic violation that is received in the office is subject to a $10.00 fee plus the cost of the violation. We will collect these fines.

Clean Vehicles

We professionally clean all vehicles, inside and out. A vehicle is to be returned as clean as when it left our office. While an allowance is made for normal use, there will be a charge for cleaning exceptionally dirty vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: For any odors, stains or anything sticky that needs to be clean, there will be a $200 cleaning charge at minimum. Pets are NOT permitted in any of our vehicles and there is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed in our vehicles. Either of these could result in a minimum $200 cleaning fee dependent on severity of infraction. Any odors are that are excessive will also result in fees of fines.

Area of Use

In the event of an emergency, if the vehicle is taken over the allotted mileage from the rental office without written approval, there will be no reimbursement for repairs. It will be your responsibility to have the vehicle towed back to the rental office and repaired. All vehicles MUST stay within the state of Florida, unless approved in advance. There is a $1000 fine, $25 per day charge, $0.25 per mile added to your rental if you leave Florida.

One Way Rentals

One way rentals are not permitted at this time. We only allow our vehicles to travel in the state of Florida, unless approved. If you breach the contract and leave the state of Florida with your rental, there is a .25 per mile, $25 per day fee as well as a fine of $1000.

You are able to leave the state of Florida and stay Georgia if you get pre-approval. The rates will be higher and you must rent for 7 days minimum and 14 days maximum. You will receive 2,500 free miles and must pay $250 deposit and 1/2 of your rental agreement up front. After 2,500 free miles, it is .20 per mile. You must get pre-approved so you know the vehicle is in condition to be taken out of Florida.

Drop off & Pick up Stipulations

All pick-ups must be arranged and are only within a 5 mile radius of our location and between the hours of 9am and 5pm only. Pickup time will vary depending on staffing. All drop-off times will vary depending on staffing. Please arrange pick up and drop off PRIOR to renting, to ensure proper staffing is available for your needs. If you need an airport pickup, please contact us directly at 813-999-4920.

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